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To reach your personal and professional goals, use wingwave coaching, an approved short-term-coaching-concept, which combines established and well researched psychologic coaching elements. For more than ten years managers, artists, trainees, students, athletes and actors have made use of the wingwave method to reach their goals and gain success. wingwave coaching optimizes your productivity and creative ability by stabilizing your emotional and mental balance – easing challenging and demanding situations in particular.

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How Does wingwave work?


Stress, unpleasant memories of past events, or imagining future situations can all act like a splinter in a wound that keeps the wound from healing: The experience continues to have a negative effect on someone’s well-being and impede his/her performance.

Everyone knows how it feels to be hurt, insulted, angry, embarrassed, etc. Under normal circumstances these emotions fade and one “gets over them." Thinking of the past event no longer causes an unpleasant feeling. If this is not the case, e.g. if the “negative” emotions do not fade, they are not completely processed (time has not “healed all wounds”). The person is "stuck" in old conflicts which can lead to a secondary problem in forms of thinking patterns like “Every time I do X, Y happens to me.” But why?

During moments of intense stress, both brain hemispheres no longer cooperate in an optimal way. The flow in processing experiences and emotions associated with those experiences is disrupted. The emotions get "stuck." Under normal circumstances stressful events are being dealt while sleeping. During the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movements) our eyes move horizontally, and our stressful and traumatic experiences are processed. Hence, it is the perfect self-healing procedure for emotional upheaval.

The increasing level of stress many people are exposed to every day keeps them from processing stressful events during their sleep. Restless sleep and sleeping pills can completely impede the important REM phase which leads to a constant feeling of pressure and makes relaxation difficult while awake. Emotions that are associated with certain events in the past or with the idea of future events cannot be effectively processed. The situation can be compared to a CD that has a scratch: the processing gets stuck in the nervous system at a certain point.


wingwave intervention actually simulates a REM phase while the client is awake. The client’s eyes following the coach’s fingers waving in front of his/her face and the "stuck" emotions begin to be processed at a rapid rate. The eye movements – that can also be replaced by auditory or tactile stimuli – allow the brain hemispheres to work together in a coordinated way and the previously "stuck" emotions start to "move" again. The mental block that was caused by extreme stress disappears.

During this process the client may experience some intense feelings, but they are perfectly endurable and do not last longer than a minute. As the intervention completely reactivates the formerly blocked mental capacities, it enables the brain to find its own creative solutions, making use of its already existing resources. So the client can gain some surprising wisdom and flashes of insight during the intervention. The effects of wingwave coaching can be reinforced, if necessary, with the methods of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

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wingwave Coaching For Private Subject Areas:

Fear and Worry, Teariness, Identity, Acceptance of Separation, Self-Worth, Beliefs, Dental Treatment Anxiety, Ravenous Appetit, …


wingwave Coaching For Couples Subject Areas:

Dissolving of the emotional heritage, Dissolving of Behaviors, Family constellation, Couple Coaching, Generation Coaching, Single working Mother/Father, …


wingwave Coaching For Business Subject Areas:

Stress, Fear to give a speech, Performance Blockades, Job Frustration, Fear of Flying, Burn-Out, Application Fear, Existential Fear, Management Problems, …




Your wingwave Coach



Nicole is an Expert in limbic emotions-coaching. Besides being a Counselor, she is also a Coach for Solutions Focused Therapy (Steve de Shazer) and Family and Management constellation, she had more then 220 hours of in deep wingwave Seminars. She is coaching people for more then 15 years.


You can call her for a 30 min free preliminary talk on the phone.

For Adults: 2 hour wingwave-coaching €180,--

For Couples: 2 hour wingwave-coaching session is €210,--

For Companies: 2 hour wingwave-coaching session is €320,--

For Students: 1-1,5 hour wingwave-coaching session is €90-135€


You can book a Coaching between Monday and Sunday, for appointments please call between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm on cell 0664/2119997.

Sie erreichen mich am besten telefonisch unter 0664/ 211 99 97

email office(at)


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Nicole Katzenschlager

Dipl. psych. Beraterin

wingwave®-Coach & Trainerin



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